This week’s idea.  Verbal clutter.

There’s physical clutter, mental clutter, emotional clutter and for many of us there is verbal clutter also.

Gossip.  One upping.  Playing the devil’s advocate. Chattering on to fill what we perceive to be uncomfortable silences.  Getting in the last word.  Arguing to prove an unnecessary point.  Sarcasm.  Exaggerating for dramatic effect.

There is a concept in Buddhism; Wise Speech.

It asks us to consider before we speak, Is it true and is it helpful?

It is not that our speech is filled with lies, more likely we are only considering things from our own point of view.

And even if what we are about to say is technically true, will saying it help the situation?

Just as we rethink our possessions in order to have less clutter in our lives, and more room to live the life we truly want;  pausing before we speak may prevent us from verbally cluttering our relationships.

We may experience ourselves as being kinder and more patient as we communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

No one will ever see the bites marks in your tongue.  However, you will have fewer conversations where your lips engaged before your brain, or been right when you could have been kind.

Our speech, our buying habits, what we choose to find space for and honor in our lives: It is all about making conscious choices.

Walking our talk.

Your choices.

Your results.

Your life.