Nothing Is More Exhausting Than the Task That is Never Started. 

Gretchen Rubin 

The time and energy we spend avoiding a project, a difficult conversation, a tedious task or a necessary chore drains us.
How much mental energy do we waste telling ourselves stories, making up excuses, justifying our lack of action and motivation?
Feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to start or the best method, we fail to take any action.   The situation doesn’t change and we feel stuck.
These are the opportunities to practice “little bites”.
Start with one small action.
Commit to spending ten minutes, not an hour, dealing with the situation.
Remind yourself of the pay off of doing the task.
Ask for help.
Decide if the project is something you want to do or feel you ‘should’ do. (Avoid shoulding on yourself)
One small step can often create the tiny bit of momentum needed to move you forward, and keep you rolling toward the results you really want.
Stop thinking, considering, pondering, rethinking, or over planning.
Make a choice and act on it.
Your life, your choices, your results.