Starting and going.

Motivation gets you started.
Habits keep you going.

Face it, there are certain mechanics of daily living that need to be done on a regular basis or life becomes chaotic, messy and overwhelming.
Bills need to be paid, laundry needs to be done, the floors need sweeping.
Decide for yourself how often these items need your attention and create some habits to address them.

Make Monday evening your time to sit down and pay your bills for that week.
Do a load of laundry every morning while  you’re in the shower.
Grab the broom and sweep while the pasta water heats for dinner.

We often spend more time avoiding and dreading a task than it takes to complete it!

The thing about habits is you do them without much thought (which can be the good news/bad news).
Consciously scheduling time into your week to take care of chores frees up time and energy. 
Come Friday you don’t have to worry or wonder  if you paid the bills, or if you have any clean socks, or if the dust bunnies have taken over the living room.

This week get motivated to make one new habit.