2016 Tax file

I’m a big fan and proponent of using a very broad and general filing system.
Why bother taking time to separate out individual categories of paid bills or
medical claims or even important documents?
When and if (and most of the time that’s a pretty big if) you need to locate a specific paper,
receipt, or form you can look through the broad category file and locate the needed paper.

One of the best uses of this system is for Taxes.
Create one folder at the beginning of the year.
(It’s okay if you do it today, it’s still early in the year)
Label it Taxes 2016, and
put it in the front of your file drawer.
As the year progresses any receipts, paperwork, forms, notes,
or paperwork that you will need to prepare your taxes get slipped into that folder.
Come the following April, no searching through other files, or boxes,
or the bottom of your purse, or some pile on the desk.

It is a simple and effective way to practice storing like with like.

Life and taxes are complicated enough,
simplify where you are able.