A feat for your feet.

The change in seasons means a change in wardrobe.

Sandals move to the back of the closet, shoes and boots move to the front.

With that comes daily visits to the sock drawer.

What a great opportunity to do some sock wrangling, sorting and purging.

I know you’ve all been practicing

Decluttering Rule #5:  Make your bed everyday.

So, spill the contents of your sock drawer onto the bed and let’s have some fun!

Have a trash container and a donation bag standing by.

Start by tossing all the single socks in a pile.

Next, grab all the pairs you know are too big, too small, too baggy, too tight, too ugly.

Add any of them that still show promise to the donation bag. 

Toss the rest.

(Remember to only donate items that are clean and in good condition)

Now, ask yourself, “How many is enough?” 

(Dressy socks, athletic socks, fun or themed socks)

Decide on a number or a spatial amount. 

The drawer one pair deep, so all the socks are visible when you open the drawer with a bit of room still available, is a reasonable goal.

With your limit in mind, sort through the remaining socks; choosing your absolute favorites, until you reach the number (or you’ve filled the space).

If among the orphan socks you sorted out at the beginning there is a favorite, and you think its mate is in the current laundry, set that sock aside.

If its mate fails to appear at the end of the laundry cycle, send it on to One Sock Heaven. 

(And no, I don’t know where all those single socks hide)

Take the bag of trash socks and throw it away, put the bag of donate socks into your car so you’ll actually give it away.

Open and close the newly organized sock drawer a couple times just to bask in the glow of a task completed.  And know that now, every sock in the drawer fits, has a mate and will give you happy feet while you have them on.

(No more exploding drawer when you try to open it, or trying to stuff just one more pair in before four jump out!)

Oh, and if the laundry chore of sock matching, folding, pairing up is too tedious or frustrating for you, here’s an idea to simplify it:

            Get rid of all the socks you now own.

            Buy a multi pack of white socks and a multi pack of black socks.

When these socks come out of the dryer, toss them into your sock drawer.

Grab two whites or two blacks when you get dressed.  You’ll always have a matching pair.

In a year or so, toss all the socks, buy two more packs and start again.

Organizing your sock drawer is a ‘little bite’ out of the big project of decluttering and organizing your home.  Spending a small amount of concentrated time now will reward you in the future.

And you’ll be able to find your special Halloween socks, now, instead of in December!

Today the socks, tomorrow?