A process, not a destination.

 “Being organized is a process, not a destination.”Jamie Novak

Sorting through your stuff, creating homes for the things you need, use and love 
​doesn’t only happen one time and then you’re through.
Every day there will be items that need your attention.
Your life’s In Box is never empty for long.

Wait, don’t let that idea discourage you.  
Instead consider that every day you get the opportunity to affirm you want a simple clutter free life.   
You make choices that support that effort.

Creating a home for everything and putting things into those places, 
dealing with your mail on a daily basis, 
only purchasing things you need and have space for, 
and using the Two Minute Rule.  
These are choices you make in the process of having an organized home.  
They get easier with practice and sometimes we all slip.  
It’s all part of the adventure.

And really, it isn’t about having a perfectly organized magazine photo shoot ready house-  
It’s about having the time and the space in our lives to do what we love, 
and share time with the people we care about.  
Having a clutter free and organized house just makes that space and time available.