A quick closet clearing.

Standing in front of your clothes closet, donation bag at the ready;
starting on the left side take out anything you don’t like and 
are clear you’ll never wear again.
No need to spend time agonizing-you know which things need to go.
Set the empty hangers to the side.

When you reach the end of the rod, close the doors
and take the bag of donations to your car.
Put the empty hangers in the laundry room so
you’ll have them the next time you need them.

This is a fast and easy way to clear some space.

Even if you don’t decide to move on to a more complete sorting,
prioritizing and organizing project,
you now know that what’s left are clothes you like and will wear.

(Keeping a donation bag at the ready, both in the laundry and in the closet,
will make it easier to let go of other things as you realize they aren’t your style,
aren’t flattering, don’t fit the life you have now, or were buying errors)

Sometimes a speed sort is just what you need to make a little space,
feel a little less cluttered,
and get inspired to do a little more.