A secret. (or two)

One of Gretchen Rubin’s Secrets of Adulthood is:
 Focus Not on Doing Less, or Doing More, but on Doing What You Value.  

Which got me thinking, and considering variations:
Focus Not on Buying Less, or Buying More, but on Buying What You Value.

Focus Not on Working Less, or Working More, but on Valuing your Work.

Focus Not on Saving Time, or Spending more Time, but Value the moment you’re in.


I assume you are getting the gist.
And that your mind may have started generating some Less/More Secrets of its own.


We get to choose where we spend our time, energy and money.
We decide what has value in our lives.
Sometimes we need less of some things
or  more of other things.
Sometimes we have just the right amount.


May your values inform your choices.