Abandon the project

Let that project go.
Face the fact that you are not going to spend the time, 
the energy, or any more money trying to finish something
that no longer interests or engages you.

You won’t finish that knitting project.
You aren’t going to scrapbook that vacation from 2010.
That stack of six month’s worth of magazines? Just isn’t in your reading future.

It’s okay.
Interests change.
Priorites get reevaluated.
What we care about shifts.
It’s okay to realize and recognize who we are now.

Stop beating yourself up over not finishing.
Quit thinking that just because it was important; it’s still important.
(Seriously, if it was important you’d have done it)

Permission granted to walk away from unfinished projects.
To give away, or throw away, the materials and supplies.

Letting go of things you aren’t going to do,
will open up space in your home and your life.
(On several levels…..)