Act as if

“If you want to be an artist, start acting like one.
It is easy, make stuff, show it to people, then make more stuff.
Make art every day. It’s a tonic, it’s a cure.” Deanne Fitzpatrick

Clutter gets in the way of people having the life they truly want.
Today act as if you have that life.
If you want to  spend more time with family and friends:  
Call someone and set up a time to be together.
If you want to get out of debt:  
Send a creditor money.  Even if it’s only $10, do it.
If you want your home to be a warm inviting place:
Invite someone over. 
Clear off the couch so there’ll be a place to sit.
If you want to change how you feel about your body:
Go for a walk.  
Ten minutes in one direction out your front door.

Stop waiting until you have more time, 
or more money 
or the body you had ten years ago.
Don’t let your clutter be an excuse to keep you from
doing the things you love or