Act now. Space is limited.

There’s a limited amount of room in your closet,
under the bathroom sink,
in the kitchen cabinets,
on the pantry shelves,
in the file drawer.

Act now.
Choose an area that’s bugging you.
  Remove everything from the space.
  Set aside the things that belong somewhere else in your home.
  Donate, recycle or toss the obvious.
  Sort like with like.

Then step away from the space for a moment or two.
Take a breath.

Decide which items deserve the prime real estate.
 What do you need access to most frequently?
  Put those items front and center.
Arrange the rest of the keepers in a way that makes sense to you.
Leave some breathing room.
  An empty shelf.  Space in the drawer.  A gap on the closet rod.

Space in your house really is limited.
Make sure that what you’re keeping fits, has value to you,
and helps support the life you really want to live.

Choose less to have more…..