Admit it’s over.

 “That was then. This is now” is one of the mantras I teach my clients.  
(In my least bossy voice, of course)

One source of clutter comes from holding on to items connected to a life we no longer live.
(Or ever did for that matter)

Supplies for a hobby we stopped engaging in years ago.
Sports equipment from an activity we abandoned.
Clothes from a different body or life style.  
Supplies for a Do It Yourself project that will never happen.

We want to believe that our lives, tastes and commitments haven’t changed.
That we have the same bodies, abilities and interests we had two, five, or ten years ago.

What’s true is that isn’t the case.
If those hobbies and activities were important to us,
we would be making time and room in our current lives to do them.

Admit it’s over.

Take an objective look at what’s living in your closets, stacked on your shelves,  
or piled in the garage that no longer has use or meaning in your life.  
Get rid of the unused, excess, nagging, guilt inducing stuff.

If you’re not quite ready to let go of things
(or is it what they represent that has the hold on you?),
set yourself a deadline.
If you haven’t pulled out the yarn, played tennis,
or refinished the chair by X date,
be willing to admit it and let the items go.

I invite you to take look at what you’ve been holding on to that
no longer serves the life you want to be living now.

Admit that yes, you’re done with that hobby, activity or project.

It’s okay, really.

Give the supplies, equipment and clothes to people who will use them,
right now, for the lives they are presently living.

Your letting go will create space in your house and life; physically, mentally and emotionally. 

You’ll have more room for this life, the one you’re engaged in right now.

Make that life a reflection of the people and activities that feed your soul and fill your heart.