Alas, no fairies……

No fairies to sprinkle magic Make the Clutter Disappear dust.
No witch to wiggle her nose and the counters become clutter free.
No Fairy godmother with a magic wand.
Sometimes you just have to do the work.

Choose the project,
decide on the goal,
make the time,
and then start the process.

If you find yourself denying, delaying,
ambivalent or shoulding on yourself:
Look at why you are even considering the project.
Do you really want a change?
Is it really worth the time and energy?
Do you honestly believe your life will be happier, easier
more alined with your values and beliefs if you 
complete the project and alter your situation?

If so, then do the work.
If not, make peace with that choice.

(ps.  It’s okay to ask for help……)