Be lazy.

“Organized people are just too lazy to look for things.”

This quote made me laugh and rang totally true.

Being organized means I can be lazy.
And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I don’t have to spend my time looking for misplaced items or
shopping for duplicates or digging through piles.

By employing the adage “Work smarter, not harder”,
I am able to make many of the mechanics of daily living  routine and habitual,
so they require minimum effort on my part.

In this case lazy doesn’t mean I don’t get things done or
I spend my time gazing out the window avoiding projects or responsibilities.
(Although I do enjoy the view outside my windows.)

It does mean I have more time to work on projects because
I know where my supplies are and I can easily access them, use them,
and put them away when I’ve finished.

It means I have time to honor my responsibilities and relationships
because I have made them, not my stuff, my priority.

True, it is going to take some non lazy effort to sort through your stuff,
prioritize and then organize it.
Create homes, systems and habits to insure that the things you use,
love and treasure are where you need them when you want them.

Then the laziness can begin in earnest!

Live the life you truly want.
Why would you do otherwise?