Break down.

Some times even just clearing off the dining room table seems a daunting task.
Or trying to bring some order to a book case or closet.
Much less deciding to clear out and organize the garage.

May I suggest  a break down?
Not one involving tears or hiding under the bed or sobbing in a corner.

Break down; as in divide and conquer.
As in just do one shelf, or work for ten minutes,
or five songs on your play list.
Just taking a few little bites of the problem, 
not having to swallow the entire thing at one sitting.

People often under estimate:  Oh, I can whip through this room in an hour.
Or over estimate:  This will take three days and I’ll still never be finished.
(Insert heavy sigh…..)

Remember this clutter didn’t just appear in one hour, 
the disorganization didn’t happen while you were sleeping, and
the fairies didn’t pile things up when you were running errands.

Setting aside a few minutes at a time, staying on task during that time,
and continuing to work in the area on a consistent basis will produce results.

Commit to fifteen minutes a day and deal with one area that’s bugging you.
You will see a difference.
Spend a little bit of time now to create a difference that you will benefit from
every day.