But first.

Before you jump right into ‘getting organized‘,
admirable goal that it is,
you need to first get rid of the clutter.

Chances are if an area is disorganized 
it contains too much stuff.
Stuff you don’t need, use or value.

There is no point is spending time finding homes for things,
(which is one of the main tenets of of being organized),
if those are things are unnecessary, redundant or 
merely evidence of the life you used to lead.

Take the time to sort the area first.
Move things that live somewhere else in your house.
Donate things that others might be able to use.
Make good use of your recycle and trash containers.

Once you’re pared things down to how many is enough,
when all that remains are things you need to have accessible in that space,
when all the like with like are grouped together-
then you can easily organize the area to support you.

Get rid of the excess, then you can create a truly organized space.