Can’t decide?

“Most decisions don’t require extensive research.”  
Gretchen Rubin, Secrets of Adulthood

Analysis Paralysis  keeps many people from moving forward in their lives.
Fear of making the wrong decision or not considering every possibility keeps ideas churning in our heads and prevents us from committing to an action and allowing things to unfold.

Very very few decisions are irreversible and often we don’t know where our choices may actually lead us.
How often have we thought that if I do A. then B. will follow along?  
Only to have C. or even K., L or P options rear their heads?

Quit trying to figure every angle, every possibility, every scenario.
Pay more attention to your gut and less attention to the voices swirling around and around in your head.

Make a choice.
Be willing to live with it until you need to make a different choice.
You can handle the consequences.  
I have every confidence in you.

There will always be options.