Cheap is, and isn’t.

There is more to the price of something than the amount on the price tag.

Even if something is inexpensive doesn’t necessarily make it a bargain.

Spending money on something that is poorly made, easily broken , quickly worn out, or doesn’t do the job well
wastes not only the money we paid, but our time as well.

Having fewer things of better quality makes the best use of our money, and saves us time and frustration.

There are costs in every purchase we make.  
Try being more mindful of the the story of how that cheap thing became available.
Do the math to figure out your cost per usage.
Consider what will happen to the product when it no longer is functional.
(There really is no ‘away’ when you throw something away.  It goes somewhere……)

Spend a little more now to end up spending less later.
Own things of quality that work well, look good and last.

The next time you’re tempted because something “only costs________”
consider the real price you are paying.