Chew toys

They should.
He always.
She never.
Why do I have to?
Don’t they see?
Isn’t the solution obvious?
I can’t believe he said/did/did’t/can’t/won’t/doesn’t.

Such indignation.
So righteous.
And all the right solutions too.
(Or so you think)

The stories we repeat.
The conversations we replay.
The if only I’d saids.
Repetitive thoughts rushing down those old worn grooves in our minds.
How many of our thoughts are repetitious, circular and don’t move us forward?
How much of what we chew on only keeps us annoyed and hurt?
It’s all Mental Clutter.


We want our physical spaces to hold only the things we love,
value and reflect the life we want to be living.
Our mental space needs to be as clutter free as possible also.


Which thoughts and stores can we let go?
What judgments get in our way?
How might our lives be different if we spent more time in thoughts of gratitude and thanks?

Funny thing about our they should, he always, she never, etc.:
There is always another point of view.

Just for today, try not whining.
Put down your righteous chew toy.
Replace a complaint with a gesture of kindness.
Do some Mental Decluttering.