By renaming or reframing how we look at choices in our lives
we are often able to change our behaviors and our attitude.

Choices reflect actions we have decided to take.
Obligations imply a sense of doing because of someone else’s ideas and expectations.

Acting from of sense of I want to do this because it is important and valuable to me,
helps reinforce our sense of control and reminds us that we can be in charge of how we spend our time and where we put our energy.

During the next few days, think about what behaviors are a result of choices you are consciously making.
Catch yourself when you get a sense of doing something because you feel it is expected of you, or you think you should.

Choose to live the life that expresses who and what you value.
Choose to spend time with people (socially distant, of course) who lift you up.
Say no to obligations.
​Say yes to choices.