Complete the circle.

Consider every task, each routine, all your interactions as circles.

Most of us are great at beginnings, pretty good at middles but don’t necessarily manage our endings.

It is often our failure to close the circle that allows clutter to creep into our lives and homes.

We bring in the mail, we may even sort through it but we fail to complete the circle when we don’t pay the bill when it’s due, or respond to the invitation or make the appointment.

We do the laundry, get things folded and stacked up but never quite get it back in the closet.

We carry our dirty dish in from watching the movie, set it on the counter, but fail to put it into the dishwasher.

Someone does something kind or generous for us, we appreciate the gesture, but never thank or acknowledge them.

Take it out.  Use it.  Put it back.

Open it. Read it.  Respond, recycle or shred it.

Converse.  Pay attention.  Respond with kindness.

Pay attention to your endings.  

Complete your tasks and transactions.

And when the circle is complete, move on.

It’s your one Big Life.

Make conscious choices.