Close the circle.

Great beginning,
Good middle.

One of the best ways to keep clutter to a minimum is to close the circle.
Complete the task.
Put things away when you finish.

It may be as simple as putting the dirty dish into the dishwasher, 
not just setting it on the counter.
Don’t just wash and fold the laundry, put in away.
It’s great that you separated out the junk mail,
but put it into the recycle container.

Many of our day to day, habits of daily living involve
getting something, using it, and then putting it back where it lives.
It is when we fail to complete that circle that things start to pile up,
messiness begins, and clutter starts.

By practicing closing the circle we can simplify our lives and our routines.
Putting things away when we finish with them,
means they will be in their homes when we need them again.
Completing tasks now means fewer loose ends later.

Close the circle.