Close the circle.

Every activity has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Clutter can be a result of failing to do the final part of the task.  (Squirrel!)

You wash the clothes, dry the clothes, but then leave them in pile on the sofa.
(They never make it to the closet or dresser)
You make the tea, drink the tea, but leave the cup on the counter.
(Put it in the dishwasher)
You bring in the mail, set in on the desk, but never open or deal with it.
(Recycle the junk mail, decide what needs immediate attention, pay what’s due)

Try envisioning the circles that goes with tasks of daily living.
Make an effort to complete the task now.
Close one circle before you move on to your next activity.
A tiny bit of mindfulness and awareness will help eliminate
piles, unfinished chores, and help reduce your clutter.
Close the circle.