Clutter creep

No, I don’t mean some less than desirable person lurking around.
I am referring to the situation where once you have an area organized,
somehow little bits of clutter start creeping back in.

One way to avoid the creep is before items ever even enter your home.
When you’re at the store and considering a purchase, 
remember the One in, One out rule
and ask yourself,
“What will this replace?”
“Is this better than the one I already have?”
“Do I have room for this and where will it live?”
“Do I have the time and energy to use and maintain this?”
“Does this reflect the life I really want to be living?”

It isn’t necessarily buying things that causes the clutter.
It is when we shop mindlessly or for entertainment or
to impress others that what we purchase ends up being clutter.

Be mindful of the decisions you are making in the store.
Your home doesn’t  have room for the Clutter Creep or Justin Case!