Clutter free giving

Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
Give blood.
Give an encouraging word.
Give up one reason you beat yourself up.
Give applause to a co worker.
Give up the need to be right.
Give a sincere thank you to the cashier.
Give up a grudge.
Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.
Give someone you love a warm embrace.
Give a smile to everyone today.  Yes, everyone.
Give up one expectation for the Holiday.
Give away something you no longer use, love or value.
Give time to a cause you believe in.

Forgive someone. (Even if they don’t know it.)
And forgive your own imperfections while you’re at it.

And finally:
Give yourself the gift of the choosing a whole hearted life.
Choose who and what has meaning, and where and how you want to spend your time.
Embrace your whole big wonderful amazing messy imperfect life.