Clutter or regret

Worried that if you let something go you’ll regret it later?
That’s a possibility.
And it’s just as possible that once it’s gone you’ll never think about it again.

Do you want to live with clutter or regret?

Also, if you’re really using something now, in this life,
you won’t let it go.
It’s only in that future someday life,
when you think you might need the thing that keeps you stuck.
And feeds that “What if I need this” thinking.

Say you do let it go.
And in a month, or six you realize you need it.
You’ll figure out a way to get it again, or use something else,
or live with the regret and move on.

If what you really want is less clutter,
fewer things to the care of, manage,
or have to find homes for:
Let things go.
Being willing and brave enough to know you can survive regret.