It may seem a clever solution to purchase attractive storage containers to hold your clutter.
However, if all they do is create a new place to stuff your stuff, even if it is an attractive place,
you still have clutter.  
It’s merely in a new location!

A necessary part of the organizing process is to sort through your stuff,
deciding what you really use and love and value.
Once those decisions have been made, then you can measure (literally) what you want to contain as well as measuring the space where you want to store it.

Before you scurry out to buy containers, look around your home.  
Are there baskets, boxes, totes or containers you already own that you can repurpose and use?
Do you have things that would not only hold things but spark pleasant memories
or associations when you looked at or used them? 
Do you associate certain activities with specific containers?  
Could that assist you in remembering what lives where?

It’s okay to want matching containers.
A uniform look and feel to storage solutions does eliminate visual clutter
and can add a sense of simplicity and calmness to a space.
You get to choose.
You are creating spaces that you enjoy and that support the life and activities that are important to you.