Doing not having.

This Holiday season try giving more experiences and less stuff.
Consider gifts that involve spending time together and making memories.
Gift giving is about acknowledging our connections to others and
a way to thank them for what they mean to us in our lives.

Try to make sure that what you give doesn’t end up as
clutter in someone else’s home and life.
You may think they need another pig for their collection,
or you found the cutest sweater,
or a book you think they’d love.

Chances are, they wish they’d never started collecting pigs,
you aren’t as hip to their fashion sense as you might think,
and they already have enough books they haven’t had time to read.

Pause before you hit the Buy it Now button,
procede to check out, or whip out your credit card-
consider if there might be a way for you to give 
the gift of your presence
as the present.

Most of us have plenty of things in our lives:
All of us want deeper connections.

Give gifts that create connections
and make memories.


ps.  If you find yourself giving  to someone out of guilt or obligation,
habit or perceived  pressure, take a deep breath.  
Give yourself permission to say no.
(You may be surprised at the relief everyone involved feels)