E Clutter

I am not referring to little piles and stacks of the letter e littering your house.
I’m talking about Electronic clutter.

One kind is the old computers, monitors, cables, cords
and other accessories in your closet, drawer, garage
and attic.
Those I’ll address another day……

Today I want you to declutter the stuff on your devices.
The outdated folders on your desk top, 
the two year old emails,
the bookmarked favorites that aren’t,
the contacts you no longer want to contact,
the electronic information you no longer need, use or value.

Start with your desk top.
What do you really need and want to have immediately accessible?
What folders, documents, photos,  and spread sheets are no longer
useful, necessary, or relevant?
The delete key is your friend!
Could you condense the visual clutter by
grouping like documents in one folder?
Or have one folder for each project?

Move on to your Favorites.
Scan through the sites you have bookmarked.
Trash any that no longer are important, no longer concern you,
or you made your purchase and no longer need.
Again, could you put like types of sites/pages in folders?
Blogs, news sites, specific hobbies or interests.

On to email.
Really, do you need to keep emails from three years ago?
Even six months?
Different email programs give you different options
for grouping email that is important or necessary.
Take advantage of your system and use it to help you
keep and access what is important, but dump the rest.
Look through your contacts/address book.
Who needs to be in there?

Those three areas are just a starting point.
Look through photos and decide which are keepers and organize
them to make it easier to access and share.
Look through documents, spread sheets, Power Point presentations,
notes, drafts, graphs and proposals for any you can easily delete
and happily move out of your life!

The less stuff you have on your computer (just like in your life and home)
the more smoothly and easily it will operate.
Storing like with like on your device is as helpful as doing so
in your closet.
By simplifying the look and navigation on your screens
you can make your electronic life less overwhelming.

I encourage you to make friends with your DELETE key.
(Be sure to empty the trash and recycle bins when you’re finished)