Easy pickins….(and one challenging one)

Grab a bag.
Go to a closet, dresser, shelf or drawer.
Choose five items that you’re ready to let go.
(Donate, recycle or trash-your choice) 
   Pants that don’t fit.
   Dvds you’ll never watch again.
   Tight socks.
   Old catalogues.
   Excess mugs.
   Plastic containers.
   Hobby supplies you’ll never use.

Once you have your five items:  Throw out the trashy ones, recycle appropriately,
and take the donation items out to your car so you have them the next time you drive by a donation opportunity.

Tomorrow or the next day choose a different closet, dresser, shelf or drawer.
Repeat the process.
Create room in the closet, free up space in a drawer, and open up inches on a shelf.
Make it easier to see what you have and access what you use.


Want an extra bit of challenge?
Try letting go of something that you think you’re not quite ready to part with.
Consider what thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions keeps you tied to a possession.

Make sure that the things in your home
  bring you real joy, personal satisfaction, inspire you and 
  reflect the life you want to be living now.