If you make it easy and keep it simple you exponentially improve you chances for success.

Every step you add to the process, every decision you have to make to complete the task decreases the chances of you following through successfully.

LIfe is rarely black or white, however, many decisions and actions can be reduced to yes or no, this or that, keep or toss.

By making the mechanics of daily living as routine and simple as possible your home is less cluttered, you can manage the constant stream of papers entering your home, laundry doesn’t pile up, you stop buying duplicates of items you already own, and things are where you need them when you want them.

Deal with the mail when you bring it in to the house, down’t put things down-put them away, fold the clothes as you take them out of the dryer, put things away when you’re done using them.

Simple routines, good habits, and making small efforts repeatedly will create an easier life.
Life is complicated enough, make what you can as simple and easy as possible.