Every choice makes a difference

Take a moment today to acknowledge the changes you’ve created in your life
around decluttering and being more organized.
Is your house perfect?  Please!!!!  (As if.)

If there is one less pile than there used to be,
or you’re managing to put your keys in the same spot most of the time,
or you’re remembering the Two Minute Rule:  You are making a difference in your life. 

For the times you’ve asked yourself how many is enough?
Or you’ve hung up your coat instead of just dropping it on the chair,
or you’ve returned the scissors to the drawer where they live,
or you’ve paid the bill before the due date;
all these small actions move your life in the direction of simplicity and less chaos.

Paying attention is where change begins.  
Every time you choose to act in ways that decrease your clutter,
you feel a bit more in control, and change happens.

Every small action has power.
Every day is a chance to make new choices.
Every choice makes a difference.

Small  changes + new habits = Less clutter.