Every dollar you spend.

Every dollar I spend is a statement about the kind of world I want
and the quality of life I value.

Spending more time at home this past few months has lead many of us to change
how and where we spend our money.
Maybe we are shopping less,
or having more things delivered,
or not going and doing things we used to do.
Due to unemployment or a reduction in work hours
some of us may not have as much to spend as we have in the past.

This is a great time to pay closer attention to what we are purchasing,
as well as where we are making those purchases.
To consider not just the price we pay but the cost.
Who benefits?
Who are we supporting?
When does spending a bit more now actually save us money in the future?
What impact does our choice make in our community and to the environment?
How can we align our spending habits to reflect not just our financial priorities
but the quality of life we value?

Here are some ideas:
Consider buying less. Period.
How many ____________ is enough?
Buy fewer things of better quality.
If possible, buy the things you know you use in quantity.
It saves on packaging and repeat trips.
Support local businesses when possible.
If you like where you live; spending money in your own community
keeps the majority of that money in your own town.
Think about the why of your purchase.
Are they needs, desires, shoulds, habits or distractions?

I believe we all want to live lives of integrity.
That we’d like our homes to reflect who and what we value.
To that end, let us use the power of our money to support the people, businesses 
and causes that make that life possible.