“Exploration in conversation is sometimes very satisfying.”  Catherine Aguilera

Expressing our thoughts aloud, sharing our anxieties, articulating our worries and our options may help us
clear the mental clutter and chatter that often seems to be a constant in our lives.

Spending time in conversation gives us the opportunity to articulate our feelings,
as well as allows deeper connections with the people we choose as our listeners.

Talking often helps us peel off the layers that cloud certain thoughts and ideas.  
And  allows us to go deeper and perhaps have an Aha moment in regard to a difficulty or challenge.

Make time in your life to build connections through heartfelt conversation.


Speaking of connections:  I will be disconnecting this next week.  From the phone, the Web and most things electronic.
I’m off on an adventure:  Relaxing, seeing new sights and hanging out with my family. Making time to make deeper connections.