Fewer. Less. Smaller.

Keep it simple.

The fewer steps,

the less you have to think,

the smaller the area you have to clean and maintain,

the more limited your choices,

all make your life easier.

Avoid making your systems too complicated.

Every additional step in a process makes it exponentially less likely that you’ll follow through to completion.

Make the habits of daily living routine and no brainers.

Use hooks instead of hangers.

Don’t put something down, put it away.

Take advantage of on line bill paying.

Put your dirty dish into the dishwasher; don’t just set it on the counter.

Own fewer things of higher quality-which means less shopping and less maintenance.

Organize like items together.

Store things where you use them.

Practice saying ‘No’.

Choose to simplify the tasks you can control and make your life easier.

And  then choose something fun to do this week!