Finish the task.

Clutter is often the result of not finishing a task.
Dirty dishes piled in the sink.
Mail half sorted left on the desk.
Laundry folded but not put away.
Bags from the store abandoned  on the table.
Toys or games in the middle of the floor.

I know that distractions happen.
We get interrupted in the middle of a chore.
Someone needs our help and attention; right this minute.

However, if we go back to the task we were working on and
finish it before we move to the next thing, the clutter will be eliminated.

Follow through on your intentions to:
Sort the mail everyday. 
Wash, fold and put away the laundry.  
  One load at a time.
Empty and put away everything from every bag
  when you get home from the store.
Factor in time not only for playing the game, but
  for cleaning up the pieces and putting it away at the end of play time.

Close the circle.
Finish what you were working on before you start on a different task.
Complete the steps necessary to be done with that project.
Focus your energy on one area at a time.


Not only will there be less physical clutter,
there will be less mental clutter too.
There’ll be no need to remember all the half completed jobs clamoring for your attention.
Of course there will still be plenty of tasks,
but you will be taking care of them completely,
one at a time.