Five minute pick up

Dana K. White, 
the author of several funny, practical and compassionate books about decluttering,
suggests five minutes of picking up every day.

She doesn’t care when you do it, or which room; she merely suggests that if you spend five minutes every day, it will make a visible difference in your home.

Starting small, when things feel overwhelming, can be just the boost you need
to keep going.

Use the five minutes to pick up any trash/recycling in the space.
If there’s still time once you’ve dealt with that stuff,
grab things that don’t belong in that space and put them in their homes.
If you find something that doesn’t have a home:
Create one for it-where you would look if ever you wanted the item.
Or consider that it is homeless because it doesn’t really need to be in your house.
(See trash/recycle)

Will five minutes give you an immaculate home?
Obviously not.
But it will clear some clutter from at least one place.
And that’s a start.