Five minutes a day

If you spend five minutes a day looking for your misplaced keys, 
or shuffling back and forth through your closet looking for something to wear, 
or digging around on your desk to find an important, 
but misplaced paper; by the end of the week being disorganized has cost you at least a half an hour.

By month’s end the cost is over two hours.
By the end of a year, an entire day.
In seven years, at least a week of your life…….
(You can see where this is heading…….)

Have a place for everything, and put everything back in its place.
Keep only things that fit, flatter and you feel good wearing in your closet.
Create and use a simple, easy to follow system for dealing with your mail
and paperwork on a regular basis.  

Spend those five minutes a day, 
thirty minutes a week, 
two hours a month  
doing what you enjoy, with the people you love.

You can’t make time.
​You can only manage the time you have.