Focus on what you are keeping.

Letting go can be a challenge;
things, ideas, relationships.

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of how tightly we are holding on,
until we are given a chance to let it go.
Or how attached we’ve become a way of acting or thinking,
with whom and where we spend our time,
until we see there might be other options.

Decluttering ask us to let go of the things, ideas, and relationships 
that we longer find to be of value in our lives.
Things we no longer love or that support the life we really want to be living.

Too often we focus on what we’re letting go of,
and don’t keep our attention on what it is we’ve decided to keep.

The clothes that fit and we look good in.
Our favorite mug for tea.
Supplies for hobbies we take the time to do.
People who lift us up and being with them fills our hearts.

If we can keep our attention on what we have decided is important.
If we remember that abundance isn’t about how many, but about having just the right amount.
That letting go will create the space we are longing for,
and giving away or giving up or just saying enough already,
matters so much more than what we are letting go.

That was then. This is now.

Give yourself permission to give away with an open heart.
Keep your awareness on what you’re consciously choosing to include in your life.
Let go.
Move forward.