Focus on what you’re keeping.

Stop worrying about what you are donating, giving away, recycling or throwing in the trash.

Those black jeans never fit or were flattering.
You are never going to read that book your aunt gave you.
You didn’t like that art when it hung in your parent’s house,
  you should never have brought it into yours.
How many cupcake pans are enough?
Those sheets are thin and the towels stained.
Someone else does the gardening.

Keep your attention on the things you are keeping.

You love that black sweater and it looks great on you.
You’ve read that book three times. and will read it three more.
Your mom’s vintage coffeepot made a great lamp base.
Twelve cupcakes should cover all your party needs.
(You get the idea.)

You are letting go of the things you no longer use, love or value.
Choose to keep the things that make your life easier,
that fit comfortably in the space you have,
and give your home a feeling of comfort and calm.

Let go and move on.
(Oh, and don’t limit yourself to just the physical stuff…….)