Forget about how it looks

If you’re interested in changing how your house house looks,
think about how you want it to feel.

Our brains tell us lots of stories (many of which aren’t true).
Many of them shoulds, expectations and judgements.

Before you start your next ‘little bite’ of organizing a space,
pause and consider how you want the space to feel.
Forget about how it’s supposed to look, or
what should be in there,
or what other people will think about what you’ve done.

How is what you want different from how it feels currently?
What would need to change to make your desire the reality?
Let that be your guide.

Cluttered is a look.
Being relaxed in the space is a feeling.
Organized is a look.
Comfortable is a feeling.
Open space is a look.
Welcoming is a feeling.
Neatly arranged is a look.
Ease of accessibility is a feeling.

There is a connection between how you use (or don’t use)
a space and how you feel there.
Use that sense to help guide you in making the descisions
of what to keep and how to store those things.

You are far more likely to maintain a space that feels good to you,
that you enjoy using, and where you like to spend time.
​Create spaces that support the life you want to be living.