Four simple sentences

Relationships are challenging.

Dealing with co workers, living with people, dealing with family, and maintaining friendships all require time, patience and a willingness to be present.

Our lives and emotions, thoughts and reactions are complicated.

As Gold Medal Conclusion Jumpers, it is easy for many of us to misjudge another’s reaction or behaviors.

In an effort to declutter our relationships, I invite you do get familiar with and practice these four sentences. 

I’m sorry.

I was wrong.

I need help.

I don’t know.*

As opposed to making us seem weak or vulnerable, these offer the chance to connect in more meaningful ways, resolve problems, diffuse tension and  move communications to a place where there is greater understanding and a true exchange of ideas and solutions.

Choosing to honestly communicate is a powerful tool in an authentic life.

(Even if it’s scary…….)

You get to choose.


*Louise Penny