Get a visual.

You know how I like to go on and on about putting like with like?

This week I’d like to suggest (which is kind of like nagging but nicer)
you have some of that fun in your clothes closet.
We’re not talking a giant purge/sort here, I’m merely offering you the opportunity to get a visual of what you have in there.
If you happen to let some items go (cheap hangers, wrong sizes, ugly color, bad gift, worn out, what were you thinking) that will just be a bonus.

What I’d like you to do is move pieces around so that  like items are all hanging together.
All the short sleeve shirts together.
All your long sleeve shirts in one group.
All your long pants side by side.
All the suits lined up as a section.
You get the drift.

What sections you have will depend on the different types of clothing
you have hanging in your closet.

Within the groups hang like colors next to one another.
I know, it seems a bit OCD, but trust me, we’re going for a visual here.

The purpose of this little exercise is to show you, literally,
how many of which kinds of clothing you own.
How many pairs of black jeans.
How many white shirts.
How many long sleeve tee shirts.
How many SWAG polo shirts….

Now the options of what you can do with this information.

You could stop right here in the process.
The benefit would be now when you’re getting dressed you can easily see 
what you have of each category without digging, rummaging, guessing.

Or you could make some decisions about how many is enough.
Which of the clothes do you really wear?
Or what looks fabulous on you?
Which items are a reflection of the life you live now?
And what clothes does your current job require?

This visual will also give you valuable information about the kind
and types of clothes that you frequently buy.  
Which colors do you gravitate towards?
What style dominates?
Which are your ‘go to’ choices?

If you’re up to it, do some weeding out, tossing, donating
and saying good by.
That’s valuable real estate in there, make the best use of it.

Getting a visual of what you own, how many you have,
and keeping like with like simplifies your life.
Whether it’s in your clothes closet, your pantry or
office supplies.

See your way to a less cluttered life.