Give Memories, not things.

Give memories, not things.

Your Dad probably has enough stuff of his own without you adding to the collection.

Consider gifts that can be used up.

Treat him to a service he wouldn’t buy for himself.

Give a gift that is literally outside the box.  (or gift bag…)

Take him on a trip in the Way Back Machine and revisit a place or activity from your childhood. 

Treat him to a private lesson from the pro at the golf course, arrange to have someone mow his lawn for a month, have his car detailed, rent him the car he’s always wanted to drive, ask him to help you with a project.

Maybe give him a list of five foods you associate with him, five sayings that bring him to mind, five childhood vacation moments that still make you laugh and five things about yourself you’d like him to know.

As a bonus for giving your Dad an Uncluttered Father’s Day present, give yourself the gift of letting go of not so great father child memory that you’ve been holding on to.  That was then, this is now.

You get to choose what you give.

Choose from your heart.