Giving presence.

Presence, not presents.

This month seems to center around the giving of presents.
Take a moment and consider the gift of your presence.

Most mental clutter is a result of worrying about the past or planning for the future.
Our minds love to engage us with stories of what should have been,
could have been, might be, and if only.
We fail to notice who and what is right in front of us.  
We listen with half an ear, planning our next comment, or considering what’s left on our to do list.

By taking a breath, pausing and paying attention to this moment, this person we are with, this gift we are wrapping, 
the way the lights glow on the tree, the words to the carols, the taste of the cookie, the smell of the tea; we practice being present.
(It is a practice.  It needs a lifetime of repetition……)


This month give the gift of your presence.
Pay attention to this moment.  
This conversation.
Pause in the rushing.
Feel connected.

Your presence is your most heartfelt gift.