Guilt and obligation

The candle scent is over powering.
You don’t wear sports team sweatshirts.
You don’t find time to read the books you’ve chosen.
You already have ten pairs of themed socks you seldom wear.

A gift isn’t a gift when it becomes a burden to the recipient.
Keeping things out of guilt or obligation negates the intention of the giver.
(And clutters your house and life)

Yes, it was thoughtful of the person to give you a gift.
You expressed your gratitude.
That is all you owe the giver.

If your relationship is so tenuous that not keeping, wearing or displaying the gift
will cause problems; perhaps you should rethink the connection.

Would you want a gift you gave to become a burden in someone else’s life?
Don’t let gifts from others become burdens in yours.

(This would be where I suggest giving experiences instead of things)