Ask for help.

Here’s a surprise:  You can’t do it all.
(And even if you could, why would you want to?!?)

Asking for help doesn’t make you helpless or weak or not a tough guy/gal.
Allowing other people to assist and perhaps teach you, can open your life to new ways of doing things.
Letting other people do what they are good at can free up time and energy
for you to do what comes easily to you.

If you live with other people, ask one of them to be in charge of the laundry,
or to make sure the recycle bin get emptied, or the bills get paid, 
Have someone else mow the lawn and weed.
Use the shopping service at the grocery store.

Accepting help will relieve some of the pressure and stress around making your home
and life look and feel comfortable and supportive to you.

Whether it is someone else doing the vacuuming, 
asking for a referral for a good therapist, 
or requesting your family members to put away their own laundry:
Asking for help will create you more space and time in your own life.