Identify the problem

Crammed closet.
Piles on the desk.
Cluttered kitchen counters.
Chaos under the bathroom sink.

Those aren’t the real problems, those are the results of  problems.

The problem with the closet is too many clothes that don’t fit,
are out of season or out of style, and a lack of organization.

The problem with the messy desk is no system for dealing with the mail,
piling instead of filing and random office items taking up valuable space.

The problem in the kitchen is no room in the pantry so things get left out,
dirty dishes that didn’t make it into the dishwasher, papers, books and household items
that were never properly put away.

The problem under the sink is it’s a wide deep cabinet,
too many multipacks and back up supplies, forgotten or never used
products or grooming aids.


Most problems are the result of:
Items not having a proper home.
No system or routine for dealing with things.
Trying to put too many things in too small of a space.

Once you see past the mess and understand what’s causing the problem
solutions will become obvious and easy to implement.

Sort the closet.
  Purge what you don’t wear, don’t like, doesn’t fit.
  Arrange like with like.

Deal with the mail on a regular basis.

Set up the pantry so you can see what you have;
  eat what’s in there and buy supplies on an as needed basis.
Don’t just set dirty dishes on the counter.
  Put them into the dishwasher.

Buy a small stacking shelf or drawer unit for bathroom cabinet
  and take advantage of the vertical space.
Store one back up product down there, not a multi pack’s worth.
Let go of the hair dryer, curling iron, pedicure set you don’t use.

Most solutions aren’t complicated.