Bugs me lots.

Clutter is irritating.

If you choose one space in your house that’s cluttered, you’ll come up with a ‘Bugs Me Lots’associated with it.

For example: Piles of shoes in the bottom of your closet.  The Bugs Me Lots would be that it takes you extra time every morning while you dig through the clutter to find the shoes you want to wear.  Or it bugs you when during the search you find shoes you forgot you had.


Paper clutter on your desk.  It Bugs you Lots that things get put down, more papers get put on top of them and you lose or misplace things that are time sensitive and important.

Sometimes it’s such a small thing or you’ve become so used to the situation you’re not even aware of the constant irritation.

Pay attention.  Listen to your own internal talk.  Hear the dialogue in your head concerning spaces in your home that don’t feel or look right to you.

Change will happen when you decide you’ve had enough being Bugged.

Make some other choices.

Decide how you really want to use that space.

Spend the time to sort, prioritize and organize an area that is irritating you.

Remove everything from that space that doesn’t support that use.

Spend time organizing the area in a way that makes sense to you.

Arrange easy access to what you want, need and frequently use.

Choose one place in your house that gives you that Bugs Me Lots feeling.

Spend some time this week decluttering and organizing it.

You’ll be relieved, I promise.

Here’s to less Bugs and more calmness.