It’s time to admit it.

You’re never going to wear that sweater your mom gave you for your birthday-five years ago.
You’ll never need plates and flatware for 20 people at once.
Your downhill skiing days are far behind you.
You don’t even still have the laptop/toaster oven/printer that go with the boxes you’ve been saving, just in case.
You won’t be do anymore hikes that involve a pack and three man tent.
You don’t need five pairs of old jeans, baggy tee shirts or holey pull overs for paint clothes.
You no longer decorate every room in the house for Christmas.
All those free, sample, or give aways might be small, but they’re still cluttering up the drawer.

Be honest with yourself.
Let some of it go.
That was then. This is now.

Open up some room and some space in your home and life.
It’s time.